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Pauline first became a patient of Nicola in 1995 when she was at the Alton practice and John became a patient shortly after. We followed Nicola to Fleet Chiro clinic and have remained regular patients to date.

Our treatment comprises general half yearly checkups and the occasional specific treatment for example when John had a number of monthly visits to deal with lower back pain.

We both find that the McTimoney technique suits us very well which coupled with Nicola’s skills has helped maintain our skeletal health over the years. Pauline worked as a secretary and the treatment kept neck tension at bay.

We find that Nicola is easy to deal with, has a  warm welcoming manner, a sense of humour and gives confident advice during the sessions, treating accordingly. These are the reasons we always look forward to our regular visits and come out feeling much better.

– John & Pauline Hanrahan

After Care

During a course of chiropractic care, you can expect to feel physical changes as your body realigns, adapts and heals. By practising simple but consistent aftercare you help yourself to recover more quickly and maximise the benefits of your treatment. Your McTimoney chiropractor will advise you about aftercare and any necessary lifestyle changes to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment.

How you use your body after a treatment can affect how you heal and repair. For this reason we offer advice about how best use your body after. In an ideal situation it is best to keep gently active for 24 hours after and we will give advice about activities of daily living and how to prevent recurrence or re injury.

Usual aftercare advice may include:

  • Activity – Do not over do it immediately after treatment. Avoid unusual or non essential activities such as: strenuous exercise, gym visits, gardening and long distance journeys, Gentle walking is fine, the body is better keeping active. Too much rest can cause you to stiffen.
  • Extremes of temperature – Do not put hot or cold on the body immediately after treatment it could delay the healing process, Heat may increase swelling and effect the result of the treatment by altering the muscle or ligament tension, Ice can be useful to ease pain and swelling but only if advised.
  • Hydration – Drink plenty of water, the muscles and body will  heal and perform much better if well nourished and hydrated.

We have treated thousands of people over the past 20 years who have had a wide variety of symptoms and ailments. Both chiropractor and patient have enjoyed a lot of success, some people even get improvement from problems that they did not initially come to us with! For these reasons, many people choose to attend regularly to help their body alignment and well being.


Sometimes called wellness / preventative care or elective check ups are becoming more popular. As patients realise the benefit they often feel and less pain and enjoy more movement and from having an ‘MOT’ from time to time.

At the point when you may consider a check up, it will have been a while since you had your last treatment and, assuming that you have not had any relapses, you will be as good as we can get you. This may be:

  • Better than you were before you came for treatment with us, but still aware of varying symptoms from time to time.
  • Back to what is ‘normal’ for you.
  • Better than you have been for quite a while.

‘’If I feel fine why do I need a check-up?’’

One of my patients tells his friends when they ask him this, ‘’It is because I have check-ups, that I do feel fine!’’

Obviously, it is up to you if you want a check up. It is not a complete insurance policy to never having a recurrence of your symptoms, or developing new ones, but it does minimise the likelihood of that risk.

Patients are often very motivated and conscious to help to use their body in the best way to avoid stress and strain, when they first come. After a while, especially when pain or symptoms have gone and are no longer there as a reminder, then things can begin to slip a little. Life tends to be busy and we can distracted from remembering our exercises and preventative advice. If you are not careful you can end up feeling not  as good as you could be.

Many people find that by having occasional check ups they can stay well for longer or are better able to cope with everyday activities. It allows us the chance to modify our self-help advice to you.

We want you to be as independent of us as possible and it is up to you if you would like to get an occasional check up. Our chiropractors can advise you, based on your individual lifestyle, the severity of the pre existing condition, your work etc, when would be a good time to  revisit. Some come 3-4 monthly, some 6 monthly and some annually.

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