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Frequently Asked Questions

What is McTimony?

Pauline first became a patient of Nicola in 1995 when she was at the Alton practice and John became a patient shortly after. We followed Nicola to Fleet Chiro clinic and have remained regular patients to date.

Our treatment comprises general half yearly checkups and the occasional specific treatment for example when John had a number of monthly visits to deal with lower back pain.

We both find that the McTimoney technique suits us very well which coupled with Nicola’s skills has helped maintain our skeletal health over the years. Pauline worked as a secretary and the treatment kept neck tension at bay.

We find that Nicola is easy to deal with, has a  warm welcoming manner, a sense of humour and gives confident advice during the sessions, treating accordingly. These are the reasons we always look forward to our regular visits and come out feeling much better.

– John & Pauline Hanrahan

What is McTimoney Chiropractic?

Developed by John McTimoney over 50 years ago, the Mctimoney method is recognised as being a gentle precise, whole body approach to chiropractic care.

Mctimoney chiropractors strive for optimal health by treating the entire person and not just the area that pains you. It is taught only at the McTimoney college in Abingdon near Oxford. Your McTimoney chiropractor is trained to correct misalignments by using quick, gentle and dextrous accurate adjustments which ensure that you achieve maximum comfort. We believe that good health is as much about enjoying a positive sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being as it is about being free of pain and disease. You’ll discover that small changes can make a big difference. When your body is well balanced it can cope with the stresses of daily life more easily and is better equipped to deal with unexpected trauma.

Improving the health of the nation for over 50 years, McTimoney chiropractors have been helping thousands of people to feel better. With nearly 150,000 new patients consulting a McTimoney chiropractor a year,u  that is more than 8,000 that are cared for by McTimoney chiropractors every working day.
Isn’t it time to discover how McTimoney chiropractic can help you, your family and your animals stay stronger and pain free for longer?

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We are still open during the lockdown. We are following the WHO, PHE & Gov Guidelines regarding Triage, Full PPE and Cleaning Regs.


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