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Frequently Asked Questions

What is McTimony?

Pauline first became a patient of Nicola in 1995 when she was at the Alton practice and John became a patient shortly after. We followed Nicola to Fleet Chiro clinic and have remained regular patients to date.

Our treatment comprises general half yearly checkups and the occasional specific treatment for example when John had a number of monthly visits to deal with lower back pain.

We both find that the McTimoney technique suits us very well which coupled with Nicola’s skills has helped maintain our skeletal health over the years. Pauline worked as a secretary and the treatment kept neck tension at bay.

We find that Nicola is easy to deal with, has a  warm welcoming manner, a sense of humour and gives confident advice during the sessions, treating accordingly. These are the reasons we always look forward to our regular visits and come out feeling much better.

– John & Pauline Hanrahan


What causes the body to go wrong?

The effects of our busy lives on our body from poor posture and diet, illness and stress can lead to changes within our body, such as a misaligned spine and muscle tension. Over time can lead to pain an associated loss of function and mobility. You spinal column comprises 24 moveable vertebrae, the sacrum and coccyx. A misaligned spine can cause pain, discomfort or reduced activity. It is a complex system that needs looking after and can be damaged in a variety of ways: trauma / injury, repetitive strain , bad posture , sitting for long periods, illness and stress, sports injury etc. We try to isolate the cause and give advice, so that you can avoid certain triggers and help yourself from recurrence.

We can all fall into bad posture habits whether we are active or not. Regular check ups to help your spine / skeletal alignment can reduce the chances of pain and loss of function.

Will chiropractic treatment hurt?

The McTimoney method is particularly light, quick and gentle. It our aim to ensure maximum comfort so treatment is usually painless unless there is inflammation in the area. Most patients really enjoy the treatment, which usually includes massage and some patients have been known to snooze!

Do you make 'Cracking or Popping' sounds?

No. McTimoney chiropractors are trained to work within the joints natural range of movement. As we do not adjust beyond this, cavitations or ‘cracks’ do not occur.

How long is treatment?

The first consultation is a double appointment of 1 hour 20 minutes. Subsequent appointments are 40 mins.

How often will I need treatment?

We aim to correct the problem as quickly as possible. Initially we treat you weekly, and then extend your visits to fortnightly, then monthly etc as your body strengthens and holds. You are seen less frequently as you continue to improve. We want you to be as independent of us as possible.

The anticipated number of sessions will be discussed with you on your first visit. Once health improves, many of our patients choose to visit our practice from time to time, for maintenance care / check ups to keep feeling well and keep long term problems under control.

Will I feel different after treatment?

Hopefully, you will feel much better! You could initially feel a little tired or stiff, particularly after your first session. These effects rarely last more than 48 hours and are signs that your body is responding well to the treatment and making necessary adaptions. The most common side effects are: tiredness, headaches, lightheadedness, muscle stiffness, emotional changes.

Most people do not experience side effects but those that do, can vary enormously.

How soon will I get better?

Usually patients report that they are ‘feeling improvement’ after the first and second treatment. Most people find between two and six treatments sufficient to address straightforward problems. The number of treatments and rate at which people heal depends on a number of factors such as: age, your individual condition, extent and duration of injury, general stiffness and health, stress and muscle tension, how you generally use your body, and posture. Your recovery is also influenced by your compliance and engagement with our self help advice.

How often do people get 'Check ups'?

This varies with each individual. Some people come annually, if they are generally well and fit and active. Some come six monthly and most, a few times a year or quarterly. This helps to minimise re injury and seems to help our patients feel more comfortable and active.

Can Chiropractic treat children?

Yes. The gentle nature of McTimoney allows this technique to be safely applied to children of all ages. We can check for developmental issues such as asymmetry in the skeletal structure and joints and would refer as necessary.

Can I be treated if I am 90 years old?

Yes. Our treatment is so gentle, that although we will be mindful of your individual needs, you will be safe with the McTimoney chiropractic method. We have an upright and a horizontal couch and can adapt our treatment according to your needs. We help many people in their nineties who often visit regularly, feeling better for treatment.

Can I be treated with Osteoporosis?

Yes. Many people suffer with pain from Osteoporosis, especially women after menopause. Although the bones may be weaker and more brittle, or treatment is so gentle that it will not threaten weak bones. We can help by giving diet, exercise and lifestyle advice, also by helping your joint mobility and body balance thus reducing likelihood of falls.

Can I get treated if I have disk pain or a trapped nerve?

We have treated many people with both of the above successfully and reduced or eradicated pain. We use a variety of means to determine if your condition requires further investigation and / or referral for X-ray or MRI.

Can I be treated if I have had surgery?

We can treat people after surgery once the inflammation has reduced and healing process has occurred and usually with the consultants agreement. We can treat around a problem area with good effect, if you feel apprehensive. The McTimoney method is so light that it would not stress an area once healed and fully recovered.

What is the difference between Chiropractic and Osteopathy?

Both are regulated and both have differences between their own schooling as well as between the differing professions. They both believe in the importance of treating the nervous system to restore health in the body, but they differ in approach & techniques.

Should I choose Physiotherapy or Chiropractic?

As primary health care professionals chiropractors spend five years of specialist training on the spine and musculo-skeletal system, as well as differential diagnosis of medical conditions. The training of Physiotherapists tends to be more general. Both are regulated and effective in the treatment of the musculo skeletal problems. Either are better than none, both would be perfect!

Does the NHS and GP Practice support Chiropractic?

Manipulation and mobilisation are endorsed by the NHS and included in its guidelines as being helpful for acute and chronic back pain conditions. Although the NHS funding for chiropractic is very limited, most insurance companies will reimburse your costs.

How are Chiropractors regulated?

Since a parliamentary act was passed in 1994, chiropractic is regulated by law in the Uk and governed by the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), without which it is illegal to call yourself a chiropractor.This safeguards the patient by only permitting properly qualified chiropractors on its register. GCC membership requires annual application for retention and proof of Continued Professional Development study. Chiropractic care now has to be evidence based and supported by research.

The Chiropractors act received Royal Assent in 1994 and The General Chiropractic Council was announced in 1997. this regulatory body is responsible for setting standards (which are continuously being reviewed and changed) for the benefit of safeguarding the general public, our patients. These standards of education and conduct within the profession require all chiropractors to be registered in order to practice legally within the United Kingdom

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